GP Vita - Our mission to bring joy

GP Vita - Our mission to bring joy

Giacomo Tontarelli introduces GP Vita. 

GP Vita aims to create products to inspire and bring joy to life. Co-founded by Giovanni Pernice, Nicholas Hill and myself, GP Vita’s central reference point is of course BAFTA award winner Giovanni and his passion to create a range of products which in some way reflect the energy and vitality for which he has become synonymous.  

Our first product, the fragrance VITA, was an obvious starting point. Giovanni has long been passionate about fragrance with an ongoing and frustrating search for the ‘perfect scent’. Being passionate about perfumes myself, I shared the excitement of developing a new fragrance.

Shaped as much by his dancing success in England as well as his upbringing in Sicily, our casual conversations around creating a new fragrance led to a partnership with myself – a fellow Italian and entrepreneur – and Nicholas, an English designer and business leader. Beyond our friendships, the three of us share a common enjoyment and passion for quality design and excellence; for an attention to detail in the smallest of things – a detail which can transform a product or experience from the mundane to the joyful.

Vita (Italian for life) is just that, a celebration of life. Of positivity when there is obviously so much around us which can be a cause for the opposite. We are starting this journey with high hopes and ambitions, and with many more products in the pipeline.

I hope you enjoy our first product and look forward to your company on the road ahead.

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